Enhance your mobile site & app with our unique and engaging platform


FORTVISION is a cross-platform, global network for advertisements and entertainment that creates, distributes content and utilizes proprietary technology to continuously test, learn and optimize.

Hundreds of new quizzes, trivia, polls, lists and other fun stuff created by your users every day. Our platform allows them to spend a few minutes of fun, share results with friends and if you're up for it- create some of your own.

How do we do that? After onetime integration, a new, small, dynamic and super engaging unit is shown. Interactive & Engaging upon user’s touch, float to all sides of the screen, Always Displayed, with Best User Experience as it does not drive the users outside your site or app when clicked, becomes transparent after few seconds, can be thrown to trash by the users and Customized Designed to ensure maximum brand exposure.

FORTVISION is an open network where you have the ability to manage everything using our admin console. Let’s start with internal campaigns to increase users’ engagement and enhance fun… then advertisement campaigns where our platform allows you to host entire advertisers’ websites or landing pages with one click away.

Suggest to upload a post
Editor to create and upload a Poll, Quiz, Video or Post
Post in specific article page, share with friends and other visitors.

Our Platform

Engagement & Revenue

Enhance your mobile site & app with our unique and engaging platform that brings more than 6% CTR, Diversify and Generate new revenue from your audience with a new ad-unit, without losing space within your app or site.

Fast Integraion

The implementation process is fast and simple - In mobile-web, simply add our tag (can be added as a new creative in Google DFP). In iOS and Android, use our light-weight SDK and add to your app under 5 minutes and you’re ready to go.

Insight and Analytics

And above all, access our free, online editing system and create your own campaigns to share with your audience, track, manage and monitor all other campaigns.


Personality quizzes, trivia and polls
Who will win the election? Which career should you choose? Are you ready to have children? Which song was actually written about your life? And many more...
Add drama, Ask their opinion, Challenge, Entertain, Let them vote with a Poll and Teach with a Trivia.
Subscribe your users and Recommend specific article page or category.
Do not catch up in the grind of churning out. Grow your subscriber base and incrase time spent on your site by more than 60%.
Sell products and host entire eCommerce site
Create an online store, add products, get paid and Grow your business. Built to ensure your site is blazingly fast from the start.
Monetize your site and app
From entire advertisers’ sites, landing pages, videos, native advertisement, promoted content and many more... Our platform can be connected to any chosen ad-network.
Recommend a new app
Enhance user experience and offer them to discover new apps while contributing to your bottom line. You can also use our platform to promote your house apps at no cost.
Maximize your revenue and increase inventory usage, providing optimized and intelligent display technologies which create a network of innovative solutions.


FORTVISION offers a new unique digital platform located in different popular mobile apps and sites, allow you to upload any campaign according to your audience profile, segmentation, devices and location.
A branded new ad-unit appears as a top layer of the hosted app and site, always displayed and doesn’t disappear when scrolled down the page, interactive & engaging with more than 6% CTR from pageview to click.
Clicking on the Floating Button opens instantly a popup with your site, landing page, video or content in the center of the screen with personalized content.
Endless possibilities for advertising your content. Our new real estate allow you to simply promote anything you want. Use our AB-Test platform to draw conclusions.



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